About Us


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Julian, a fashion design graduate of the fashion institute of technology in New York city began his career in design at the fashion ateliers of Jean Paul Gautier, Thierry Mugler and Claude Montana back in 1991. As an apprentice at the world renowned fashion houses, Julian began his career refining his sense of style and creativity.  After 3 years immersed in his “dream come true “lifestyle in Paris, he came to a crossroads faced with a new opportunity.  Julian, not to back out of a challenge, took a 180 degree turn as a designer for levis at the corporate offices in San Francisco.  Again, faced with a new a new approach to fashion, Julian became conscious of the significance of design and the value of consumer sale ability and practicality.

Julian Mejia founder and designer of Julian Mejia design, Inc. launched his company in 2008. Julian has taken his past career experiences and his effortless sense of style and inventiveness to a new level with his home accessories company. Focused on creating a product line that he can “sink his teeth” in and make his own. This was finally the ultimate challenge of his career.  Now it was “game on” and Julian Mejia design was born. To date, Julian has made his mark in the tabletop world and set table scapes of many a dining table.

The Julian Mejia design line of fine linens, placemats and napkin rings can be found in the top retailers as well as interior designers and event planners accross the country and abroad

Let’s see where Julian Mejia design takes us next!